Monday, March 31, 2014

Walking In Bad Weather

Walking In Bad Weather

Walking is one of the best exercises for health and fitness. Sometimes the weather's bad. You can still walk. Learn how:

If it is raining and you can't get outside try using a treadmill to walk inside the house or the gym. I know walking on a treadmill may not be as much fun as walking outside, but tit will have to do do if it is nasty and rainy out.

If doing it at home, you can set up a TV in the room with you or listen to youripod or favorite CD. Lighting up some candles and setting them around the room while you are walking on your treadmill can relax you by and the candles always make things look and feel more cozy than it really is.

On the other hand, you, like me, may live in hot climate. Moreover, chances are that on hot days you may get lots of smog and then walking can be bad for your health. Again it is important to make sure you do not walk on a major thoroughfare for the same reason.

Before you start walking, you may want to check the weather. Use your weather channel, the Internet or radio to check the weather. If the weather is good, you can start walking to fitness. If the weather is bad, you can plan walking to fitness indoors.

If you have a treadmill, turn on the television and watch your favorite program while you walk to fitness. If you do not have a treadmill, try walking around the house. Take a little extra time and wash clothes, clean the kitchen or do something active. When you are active, it reduces your risk of disease.

Of course if you work in a large office you can walk in corridors of the office and remembers walking up and down the stairs is a wonderful exercise and burns even more calories while keeping you fit.

How to walk in the winter:

In the winter, you want 10 minutes at most to warm up before walking to fitness.
In cold weather, your body needs addition time to prepare. If you intend to walk outdoors, be sure to wear warm attire to avoid frost bites. You want to wear a face mask and scarf to protect your mouth and nose. You want to wear proper shoes also to avoid falls. If the weather is very bad, you may want to walk to fitness indoors. Don't take the risk of freeze bites.

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