Monday, March 10, 2014

Turn Your Iphone Pics Into Watercolor Masterpieces With This Smart App

Penglins. Image: Flickr, umezy12 Penguins. Image: Flickr, umezy12 With Waterlogue, Balestrieri and Clair tried to write algorithms that approached images as a human would. Where older filters dumbly processed images at smallest unit of digital scalethe pixelWaterlogue instead starts by distilling them into lines. It then boils those down to the ones that a person might actually drawsimplifying the image from a thousand tiny lines, say, to the hundred most essential ones. Basically, through the process of tweaking the software, I would eliminate or reduce any marks that didnt look like they were made by a sane individual, Balestrieri says. Next, the app simulates the actual painting process. Instead of transforming the whole thing in a single pass, it creates each painting layer by layer, as a real artist would. The app simulates the spreading and bleeding of the pigment onto the canvas, with dedicated properties for the virtual paper, the pigment, the brushes, the water and so on.
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